Mad #377 January 1999

  • Cover Artist: Roberto Parada
  • Ad for Subscriptions (Joe Devito art from #365)
  • Contents Page
  • Letters
  • Ad for Super Special January 1999 #134 -
    Mad Stocking Stuffer
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn-Out Dramas
    **various places around the magazine
  • The Incredible Hanson Story, From Start to Finish!
    (written by Desmond Devlin / Timothy Shamey art)
  • Melvin & Jenkins Guide to Music Appreciation
    (written by Desmond Devlin / Kevin Pope art)
  • 6 Degrees of Separation Between Anyone and Anything - Part III (written by Mike Snider / Rick Tulka art)
  • Mad's Realistic Food Guide Pyramid for College Students
    (written by Dennis Snee / Timothy Shamey art)
  • The Lighter Side of... (Dave Berg)
  • The Mad 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 1998
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