Mad #541 October 2016

  • Cover Artist: Mark Fredrickson
  • Ad For Subscriptions with #126 bonus print
  • Contents Page
  • Letters (Paul Coker and Anton Emdin honored at NCS Reuben Awards)
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn Out Dramas
    **various obscure places around the magazine
  • The Fundalini Pages
    • The Fast Five - Other Changes in the New $20 Bills
      (written by Jeff Kruse / Kevin Pope art)
    • When the Going Gets Duff (J. C. Duffy)
    • Hillary Clinton Celebrates Her Victory
    • Ways to Celebrate National Donut Day (Al Jaffee art)
    • Overheard Outside of Chewbacca Mom's Car
      (Hermann Mejia art)
    • The Startling Similarities and Differences Between Harambe The Gorilla and Donald Trump
      (Stephen Silver art)
    • All You Need is Lubchansky (Matt Lubchansky)
    • A Children's Book We'd Hate to See
      (Gary Hallgren art)
    • People Who Actually Should Be Banned from Public Restrooms (written by Kenny Keil / Paul Coker art)
    • The Speedy Six - Ways McDonald's is Making McNuggets Healthier (Josh Mecouch art)
    • Samuel Ferri's Misconnected Moments (Samuel Ferri)
    • Losing Has a New Face: Deadpol
      (political movie poster)
    • The Faster Five - What's Really Killing Off the Bees? (written by Mike Morse / Jonathan Edwards art)
    • Critics' Blurbs for Terrible Kids' Books
      (written by Jeff Kruse)
    • Save the Dator (Joe Dator)
    • A Trump University Poster We'd Like to See
    • A More Truthful Budweiser
      "America" Redesign
  • Fixer Hucksters (TV satire)
    (written by Dick DeBartolo / Tom Richmond art)
  • Ad for The Mad Poster Gallery
  • Spy vs. Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • Recycled Ad Slogans (written by Desmond Devlin)
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