Mad #543 February 2017

Click cover for larger view Mad #543
      is Divorcing Brad Pitt (Tom Bunk art)
    • A Walk in the Parkhurst (Teresa Burns Parkhurst)
    • What the New Emoji Really Mean
    • Features of the Clintons' New Chappaqua Home
    • Fundalini Asks: Why Didn't You Vote on Election Day? (written by Jeff Kruse)
    • Eckstein Marks the Spot! (Bob Eckstein)
    • The Faster Five - Ways That Billy Bush Celebrated His Birthday (Bob Staake art)
    • Signs You're Way Too Into Snapchat (written by Kenny Keil / John Martz art)
  • Ad For Subscriptions with #126 bonus print
  • Silly (movie satire) (written by Dick DeBartolo / Tom Richmond art)
  • Spy vs. Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • A Mad Look At Commuting (Sergio Aragones / color by Jim Campbell)
  • The Mad 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2016 (Mark Fredrickson introduction page art)
    • 1. The Donald Trump Run for the Presidency -
      "The Toxic Contender" - (The Toxic Avenger poster parody) (Hermann Mejia art)
    • 2. The Clinton Foundation - "Money Girl" - (Funny Girl movie poster parody)
    • 3. Flint, Michigan's Toxic Water -
      "Poisoning Children Since 2014!" - (beer poster meme parody) (R. Sikoryak art)
    • 4. Fox News' Roger Ailes - "Roger & Me" - (movie poster parody) (Sam Viviano art)
    • 5. Donald Trump's Advisors -
      "Moral Slide Squad" - (Suicide Squad movie poster parody) (Mike Loew art)
    • 6. Cliven Bundy's Sons Lay Siege to Wildlife Refuge - "Bundy Land" -
      (Candy Land board game parody) (written by McKinley Rodriguez / Jacob Chabot art)
    • 7. Ryan Lochte's "Mugging" - "Sullied" - (Sully movie poster parody) (Scott Bricher art)
    • 8. Wells Fargo Bank - (an apology letter to customers they defrauded)
      (written by Joe Raiola and Charlie Kadau)
    • 9. Anthony Weiner Sext Scandal (continued) -
      "The Secret Life of Putz" - (The Secret Life of Pets movie poster parody) (Tom Richmond art)
    • 10. Pokémon Go - "Pokémon GOthic" (American Gothic painting parody) (Richard Williams art)
    • 11. North Carolina's Transgender Bathrooms -
      "Governor Pat McCrory: Stall Cop" - (Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie poster parody)
    • 12. EpiPen's Price-Gouging - "Instructions for EpiPen Abuse -
      brought to you by Heather Bresch, Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO" (Dennis Wunderlin art)
    • 13. Donald Trump's Misogyny - "Deplorable People" - (People magazine cover parody)
    • 14. Hillary Clinton's Email Debacle - "Catch Her in the Lie" -
      (Catcher in the Rye book parody) (written by Desmond Devlin / Sam Sisco art)
    • 15. Gary Johnson Stumped By Easy Questions - "Are You Smarter than a 3rd Party Candidate?" -
      (Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? TV poster parody) (written by Mike Morse)
    • 16. Donald Trump Paid No Taxes - "Tax Evader" -
      (Taxi Driver movie poster parody) (Roberto Parada art)
    • 17. Exploding Samsung Phones - "Hot Phone Ring" -
      (Hotline Bling song parody) (written by Mike Morse / Anton Emdin art)
    • 18. Michael Strahan Bolts for GMA - "Kelly and Michael Aren't Friends" -
      (Frog and Toad Are Friends book parody) (written by Meredith Zeitlin / Gary Hallgren art)
    • 19. What gender-based change are many Americans stubbornly refusing to accept? -
      Fold-In (Al Jaffee)
    • 20. The Trump Foundation - "National Buffoon's Foundation" -
      (National Lampoon's Vacation movie poster parody) (Jason Seiler art)
  • One Day at the Doctor's Office (written by Kit Lively / Tom Bunk art)
  • Ad for tons of Mad books
  • Planet TAD!!!!! (written by Tim Carvell)
  • Ad - Mad is now on Android Phones and Tablets!
  • The Strip Club
  • The Gap-Toothed Gallery (Jesse Jacobs art)

Mad #543 'variant' cover For the second time since issue #538,
MAD released a blank cover variant
(essentially an extra blank cover).
Thanks Raymond Gallant!

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