Mad #540 August 2016

  • Cover Artist: Mark Fredrickson
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  • Contents Page
  • Letters (Mad remembers Lenny Brenner 1932-2016)
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  • The Fundalini Pages
    • The Fast Five -
      How Kobe Bryant is Spending His Retirement
      (written by Kenny Keil / Jose Garibaldi art)
    • Signs That You've Chosen the Wrong Airbnb
      (written by Mike Morse / John Martz art)
    • When City Recycling Trash Bins Go Too Far
      (written by Dick DeBartolo)
    • Gimme a Flake (Emily Flake)
    • The Startling Simmilarities and Differences Between Beyonce's Lemonade Video and the Game of Thrones Season 6 Premier (Jonathan Edwards art)
    • Star Wars Planet or Prescription Antidepressant?
      (written by Jeff Kruse / Stephen Silver art)
    • Dos Equis Presents Fascinating Facts About The
      Most Interesting Communist in the World
    • The Fast Five - Things You Don't Know About
      Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland
      (written by Jeff Kruse / Rich Powell art)
    • Smells Like Katzenstein Spirit (Jason Katzenstein)
    • Unabridged Signs That Tell It Like It Is
      (written by Alison Grambs)
    • How Justin Bieber Celebrated His 22nd Birthday
      (Sarah Chalek art)
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  • The Trumpalini Pages
    • Donald's Latest Magazine Cover: Whine Enthusiast
    • Trump Recalls Other Tragedies
      (Besides "7/11")
    • The Startling Simmilarities and
      Differences Between Donald Trump and
      Burger King's "Angriest Whopper"
    • The First Sign of Spring
    • Trump University Diploma
  • Battyman v Stuporman - Dumb and Joyless (movie satire)
    (written by Desmond Devlin / Tom Richmond art)
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