The Mad Morality

or The Ten Commandments Revisited

1972 paperback of the 1970 hardcover
  • Writer: Vernard Eller
  • Cover Artist: unknown
  • Reprinted pieces of articles listed below with source links

  • Known printings: Signet 6

  • Disclaimer I - from William Gaines and Al Feldstein
  • Disclaimer II - from publisher Abingdon Press
  • Disclaimer III - from author Vernard Eller
  • Claimer I - from Alfred E. Neuman
  • Reprint in full of The Ten Commandments - Revisited
    (Max Brandel / UPI and World Wide photos)
  • Introduction

  • I - You Shall Have No Other Gods Besides Me
Click cover for larger view The Mad Morality

There were also a lot of Alfred E. Neuman masthead quotes I didn't bother to try to find the sources for,
along with a few unknown graphics most likely not from Mad..... Amen!