Mad #511 October 2011

  • Cover Artist: Charles Akins
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  • Contents Page
  • Letters (photos of "Weird Al" Yankovich
    and Annie Gaines)
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn Out Dramas
    **various obscure places around the magazine
  • Ad for The Mad Fold-In Collection
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  • The Fundalini Pages
    • What Changes and What Stays the Same With
      Ashton Kutcher Joining Two and a Half Men
      (written by Matt Lassen / Hermann Mejia art)
    • Pet Peeves of Major League Batboys (John Caldwell)
    • You May Have Taken This Hipster Thing Too Far If...
      (Kenny Keil)
    • If Politicians' Names Reflected the Scandals They're
      Hiding (written by Kit Lively / Marc Hempel art)
    • LeLievre and Let LeLievre (Glen LeLievre)
    • Monkeys Are Always Funny
    • Signs That Your Parents Are Trying to Kill You
      (written by Kit Lively / Peter Bagge art)
    • Sutton for Punishment (Ward Sutton)
    • 6 Degrees of Separation Between Anyone and Anything - Can You Link U.S. Autoworkers to an Oompa-Loompa?
    • Phool's Gold Exchange (ad parody)
      (written by Dick DeBartolo / various photo sources)
    • Plugged Nickel (Scott Nickel)
    • Celebrity Cause-of-Death Betting Odds - Blake Lively (Sam Viviano art)
    • Bitterman (Garth Gerhart)
  • Ad for Insanely Awesome Mad Book
  • Parks and Regurgitation (TV satire)
    (written by Arnie Kogen / Tom Richmond art)
  • Dictators Next to be Overthrown
    (written by Jeff Kruse / Tom Bunk art)
  • 12 Good Things About Your Smoking Addiction
    (Teresa Burns Parkhurst)
  • Spy vs. Spy - 50 years - 1961-2011 (Irving Schild photos)
    (fold-out poster insert)
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