Shootin' Mad - 1979

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 6

  • Guards turn inmates' steel balls into Newton's Cradle / Toothpick for Gulliver / Karate chop the wedding cake / Cactus sneeze / Escaped prisoner stripes beach blanket / Grannies work at the pie factory / Magician's lion in a girl suit / Out of change for the payphone / Plane in a model train store / Embarrassed newborn / How to stop the sand castle destroyer / Insect world guillotine / Cop hears it when he gets home / I'll take your fez / Life preserver rope too short / Stuffed lady with a rolling pin / Bull audience at the fight / Purse matches witness in police lineup / Jail bars filed for sombrero too / Distracted lighthouse keeper / Fixing your hair before facing the guillotine / Underestimating the baby dragon / Landscape painter's tree smashed by truck / Director loses head shooting samurai flick / True alligator farm / Large load of laundry fools maternity-waiting father / Wrong billboard on top of A.A. / Son bathes with dad's prized model boat / Fly in soup storms off after
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    waiter yells at him / Agent looks like ventriloquist's dummy /
    Beach sand husband substitute / Chess thoughts become hest thoughts / Angel black-eyes devil in grade school play rehearsal / Don't slingshot shoot Kong! / Cardboard Queen's Guard soldiers / Slow list for fast food / Psychiatrist shares couch with cute patient / King gets jester's joke too late / Alien spaceship stops at gas station bathroom / Whale lovers crushed / Samurai puppeteer bandages fingers / Wallpaperer's work covered with posters / Tattooist takes down phone number / Cat owner leaves canned food and opener for cat / Caveman ladder: first attempt / Gene Simmons' KISS family / Key to lots of doorlocks under mat / Rapunzel marries / Lost cannon found / Stranded island people form S.O.S. / Loud pharmacist / Caliper pokes model / Statue beneath pyramid / The Little Doctor kit has it all / Natives understand an eclipse / Making room for a ship in a bottle / Bandaged and bruised Kong leaves New York / Elves applaud lovers / Blow dart swallow / Fish switch saves face / Guard dogs arrest robber / Not a Trojan turkey! / Gentleman punch / Monkeys and giraffe blend in / Falling Goliath smashes David / 3-eared Mickey / Caught in the tunnel of love / Film crew waits for the right Zorro zee / Hunchback kid / Charging bandits trample leader / Garbage truck takes hide-n-seeker / The Lion's not searching for Toto / Snake goes for new music / Sneezing elephant / Boy bashes boat-seller's support / Igor snacks / Never grew out of the blocks / Puking downwind / Flea circus love / Stolen teeth for snowman / Waiter clangs for attention / Tornado alley home sale / Anti-litter compainer gets ticket / Wife cleans up searcher's mummy / Noah gives life vest instructions / Psychiatrist lifts feet to avoid patient's imaginary bugs / Boxer jumps rope with friends / Timing off for boulder kill / Modern art plumbing / Stairs out to the pearly gates / Training a dog to love children / Cop flasher