The Mad Guide to
Self-Improvement - 1979

  • Written by: Dick DeBartolo
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Al Jaffee

  • Known printings: Warner 3

  • Introduction
    • The Mad Guide to Self-Improvement
      (or: How to Stop Being the Creep You Are)
  • Staying In Shape
    • Rowing, Fencing, Horseback Riding, Diving, Surfing
  • How to Alter Your State of Consciousness
  • Body Language
    • Study These Examples
    • The Meaning of a Person's Territory
    • Closeness to Other People
    • Rank
    • How Your Boss Sees You
    • Using Body Language to "Make Out"
  • Speed Reading
  • Vitamins and Energy
  • The Importance of Good Grooming
    • Does One Need An Expensive Wardrobe
      to Look Good?
  • Developing ESP
  • Smoking and Drinking
  • Overcoming Shyness
    • How Shy Are You?
    • The True Perspective
    • The Direct Approach
    • The Group Approach
  • Increase Your Awareness Through Dreams
    • The Different Stages of Sleep
    • Rapid Eye Movements
    • The Meaning of Dreams
    • For the Symbol-Minded
    • Does the Mind Ever Sleep?
    • The Famous Yestadt Experiments
  • Handwriting and You
  • How to Improve Your Memory
    • Remembering People's Names
    • Remembering Numbers
  • Self-Defense
    • What's At Stake?
    • Can You Learn Fighting From Watching the Movies?
    • Clean Fighting vs. Dirty Fighting
    • The Element of Surprise
    • Continuing Action
    • What To Do If Your Adversary Has a Weapon
    • Keeping Your Balance
    • Practice Sessions
    • The A-B-C's of Blocking Technique
    • Hitting the Nose
    • Kicks
    • Some Other Techniques
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