The Fifth Mad Report on
Spy vs Spy by Prohias - 1978

  • Artist and Writer: Antonio Prohias

  • Known printings: Warner 13

  • Spy Jr. vs Spy Jr. - Rockets attached to swing ropes
  • Rocket propelled torpedo catcher
  • Tape recorder bone for wind-up grenade dog
  • Phone pulley shotgun in tree rig
  • Tentacle tease unleashes octopus
  • Killer sock foot odor knitted into glove
  • Shark suit vs spy suit
  • Objectives achieved except paper plane hammer
  • Glove fingertips trip missile
  • Plane nose tip ejects spy into hammer
  • Finger for frosting diverted to outlet
  • Moth bomb to a flame
  • Top secret garbage truck
  • Cannonball tent tunnel
  • Crocodile spring head extension
  • Pavlovian head trauma
  • Shower taker bonks spy through window
  • Swallowed pie magnet attracts sewer tacks
1987 edition - Click cover for larger view The Sixth Mad Case Book on Spy vs Spy by Prohias
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