Mad Special #8 Winter 1972

  • Mad's Color Puzzle Page
    (written by Al Jaffee / Bob Clarke art)
  • Contents Page
  • Sergio Aragones Drawn-Out Dramas
    **various places around the magazine
  • 201 Minutes of a Space Idiocy (movie satire)
    (written by Dick DeBartolo / Mort Drucker art)
  • Mad About Fashion Fads
    (written by Ronnie Nathan / Jack Rickard art)
  • Mad's "Practical" New Car Designed to Eliminate Owner Aggravation (written by Dave Gantz / Bob Clarke art)
  • You and Your Big Mouth!
    (written by Dean Norman / Al Jaffee art)
  • Another Sickening Collection of Mad Greeting Cards
    (written by Earle Doud / Bob Clarke art)
  • Introduction page for TV Guise bonus (Jack Rickard art)
  • The TV Guise Fall Preview (bonus insert)
    (written by Tom Koch / Irving Schild photos)
    • TV Tell-A-Tripe: Hollywood
    • This is NBC Week...
      • Adolf and Me, Tow-Away Zone, The Skip Zbojniewicz Show, All In One Weird Family, The Gay Liberators, The Timid Ones, Sign-Off Sermonette
    • For 1972-73 CBS Presents...
      • Ugly Face, Ginfumes, The Even Newer Dick
        Van Dyke Show, Alaska Four-Nine, The Willie
        W. Wurlinghoff Show, City Animal Shelter,
        The Crackpots
    • ABC is the Place To Be...
      • Room 348, The Indoor Sportsman, The Peartree Family, Longsarge, The Odd Green Bay Packers, Holiday Inn, Monday Night Croquet
    • TV Tell-A-Tripe: New York
    • Back Cover -- RGA Victim Color TV
      (written by Al Jaffee / Kelly Freas art)
  • The Conservative Dream (UPI and World Wide photos)
    (written by Lou Silverstone / Max Brandel research)
  • What Politicians Say in Public and in Private
    (written by Lou Silverstone / Jack Rickard art)
  • More Mad Namelies (designed by Max Brandel)
  • If the President Were Chosen Like "Miss America"
    (written by Earle Doud / Jack Rickard art)
  • Don Martin On the Golf Course
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