Viva Mad! - 1968

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Signet 8 / Warner 10

  • MADman from Mexico (foreword) - (Jerry DeFuccio)

    • (excerpt)"Sergio Aragones most indelible work was done when he was five. His parents took him visiting, to the resplendent home of a hidalgo, and left him to entertain himself in the high-vaulted sitting room of the Spanish nobleman. Mr. and Mrs. Aragones had spent a pleasant afternoon on the patio with their host and hostess and it occurred to them to call Sergio to the table for some goodies. Mrs. Aragones went to the sitting room to find that her young son had embellished the four alabaster walls, baseboards to ceiling, with crayon combat of Conquistadors and Indians. Ruefully, Sergio recalls, his father left him as worn down at the nub as one of his played-out crayons. Sergio also reflects, 'Good theeng they didn't have Magic Markers in those days!'

      In the summer of 1962, the exceptionally tall, dark and handsome junior prototype of Gilbert Roland, and amalgam of El Cid and Zorro, stepped into the MAD offices. As our gaze shifted from his animated black mustache and peeled-almond white teeth, we glimpsed the artist's folio under his arm. In beguiling inverted English, he requested that we look at some of his cartoons. Within minutes, he sold us a humorous spread on astronauts, which subsequently appeared in Mad #76, entitled 'A MAD Look At The U.S. Space Effort.'"

  • Viva Karate!
  • Viva Shadows!
  • Viva Water Sports!
  • Viva Monsters!
  • Viva Hunting!
  • Viva Cops & Robbers!
  • Viva Hospitals!
  • Viva Fishing!
  • Viva Winter!
  • Viva Animals!
  • Viva Summer!
  • Viva Revolutions!
1968 printing - Click cover for larger view Viva Mad!
1975 printing Viva Mad!
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