Spy vs Spy -
The Updated Files #8 - 1993

  • Written by: Don Edwing
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Bob Clarke

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • Helicopter ski plane picks up launched torpedo, bombs sub
  • Umbrella lightning rod becomes zapper
  • Palm tree missile launcher
  • Dog fetches a stick of dynamite
  • Tank catapult
  • Whale takes the bait and the spy
  • Cannon from manhole
  • Helicopter wing blade
  • Tower sharks
  • Rube Goldberg machine house returns bomb to spy
  • Blade and gun hats
  • Aircraft carrier flight deck adjuster
  • Roof vent extension spits back bomb
  • Fishing rowboat submarine top decoy
  • Lady spy plugs white and black smokestacks
  • Loosened mine in minefield chain reaction
  • Mid-air bomb catch and reverse release off ski jump
  • See-saw opposing handle gun
  • Mine on cable spins and wraps to explosive end
  • Igloo torpedo shooter
  • Heat-seaking anti-missiles follow tricky target back home
  • Olympic parallel bar TNT plungers
  • Lady spy operates blade hurdles

Thanks to Jason Buer for the book loan.
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