Sergio Aragones's
Mad Marginals - 1974 / 1980

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 1 and 6

  • Foreward - Jerry DeFuccio
  • Teller tells off bank robber / Cook Karate chops spaghetti / Indian climber's rope burns / Knife-thrower removes assistant's bra / Snake rounds rock / Lion thins out haulers / Talking while the home burns / Men in litters shoot it out / Angels win tug-of-war with some help / Pier fisherman sleeps as the tide reveals his hook / Pulling ship into the bottle / Snake carrying case / Light knot / Ostrich pulls head out of ant-filled sand / Porcupine loves brush / Elephant jump rope / Bird eats cat / Bucket brigade to firehose / Quick drawer drops pants / Count off blast off / Paper boat anchor / Tall sign wearer sleeps in small bed / Bat brings baby to vampire couple / Whale loves submarine / Crosscut sawer pulls partner into tree / Firing squad member shoots at bunny / Kite hammock / Birds form notes on wire fence for singer / Drivers fall asleep waiting for sheep to jump over fence / Football team disrobes rusher who scores in nude / Dragon on Viking ship bites stern of much newer ship with maiden figurehead / Roller coaster under construction / Man-size paper plane flier / Trojan goose / Plane in flypaper / King's train nose blower / Mariachi band members stand on shoulders / Chandelier power cord to iron / Caught between a crocodile and a lion / Telephone booth smoke signals / Opposing tugs rip apart ship / YWCA jumper gets one last look / Diver escapes up hose / Helicopter rider ladders down to order hotdogs / Electric chair sitter saved by lightning strike / Ambulance drivers hitchhike / Bowling ball bonks pedestrian outside of alley / Sky writer gets off an S.O.S. before crashing / Surfer catches the biggest one / Park trash collector pokes bench sleeper / Swinging jungle vine snake surprise / Janitor sweeps up musical notes / Man with everything desires being alone on an island / Barber pickpocket / Bird hogs bath / Heavenly halo top hats / Countdown in Roman numerals / Directions to place the last pyramid piece / Lovers get crop-dusted / Wrecking ball smashes car / Giraffe licks man on stilts / Mountain climber's rope noose / Paddle boat water skiing / Snake swallows porcupine / Tree house contents tumble down with axe chop / Submarine's missile through fishing net / Tunneling escapee meets sea / Boy looks at bird looks at bee / Totem pole carvers start at both ends of log / Workers use excavator bucket to watch nudists / Bird nest on smokestack / Spider hands off mobile / Umpire uses batter for tooth pull / High wire roll-up / Light falls on boxer / Patient bursts through ambulance window / Prison escapee scarecrow / Drunk train track layers / In-flight wheel deflation / Musicians carry instruments, including pianist /
1974 printing - Click cover for larger view Sergio Aragones's Mad Marginals
1980 printing - Click cover for larger view Sergio Aragones's Mad Marginals
    Danger sign outcropping / Baby stuck in pot /
    Casket inspected at customs / Shorts as sail / Distracted hedge trimmer / Psychiatrist's patient jumps out window / David and Goliath fail / Dog brings back dynamite stick / Ducks sneak by hunter / Victim stuck in gallows trap door / Conductor stops train, retrieves hat / Catching the plank walker / Quicksand sinks space aliens / Modified bell clanging / Cans stacked wrong / Love They Neighbor / Rescued fat lady ladder ripper / Adobe Bar / Porcupine protects golf ball / Exiting patient hit by hospital sign / Bank robbers mug for camera / Eye chart distraction / Forceful fly swatter / Tow truck driver races train / Mermaid and minotaur visions / Extreme elephant reach for peanut / Tasty ping pong ball / Military line-up fall-out / Pick-pocket snatches on the run / Painter waits for building / Genie in the shaving cream / Holding an eagle for the painter / Parachuting to sharks / High dive photographer / Ping pong table net jumper / Ice cream man beats Pied Piper / Diver in sunken ship's men's room / Sleeping fisherman and sleeping fish / Hippie doesn't sheriff's star / Exterminator with trusty swatter / Tie caught in safe / Trapeze flash / Bank robbers' getaway car towed / Scout leader loses group / Matador train conductor / Dueling in wheelchairs / Crash for cash / Biker gang follows worried biker / Boat racer meets mine / Guide dog tree diversion / Stage light operator bothers with radio / Bodice over tightened / Motorboat won't crank over /Divers wait for police disposal of illegal loot / Bird goes for tie on beach shorts / Shark chomped surf board / Exit hand sign head bonk / Electric chair executioners wait for last bathroom break / Anchor hauls up drowned men / Frog hides from ugly princess / Doctor jabs own thumb / "The End Is Near" sign holder plugs ears / Organ grinder's monkey gets drunk / Filmed car over cliff scene / Stealthy scuba diver steals a kiss / Laundry search for frog / Chinese Dragon costume tails lady / Tiger hunter shoots elephant's ear / "Applause" sign at the Roman Colosseum lion feeding / Ladybug loves pepper shaker cap / Para-glider caught on bridge / Viking helmet stew / Losing halo and wings / Just married no vacancy / Peace pipe pot / Flying upside-down in the storm / Road filled with tacks / "Learn Karate" sign holder chops pedestrians

1980 edition sequenced gags differently than this 1974 listing