The Mad Book of
Word Power - 1973

Max Brandel literally has his way with words in this unique book. Common words and phrases take on an illustrative life of their own based on the shapes of the letters themselves and whatever his imagination can draw from them. In the "Signs" chapter, "e" connects with a pipe to a faucet "r" in the word "plumber." "A" holds the canvas for the "Artist" in "Professions." His "cat" has a "c" with whiskers standing atop a fence in "Animals."
  • Artist and Writer: Max Brandel

  • Known printings: Warner 7

  • People
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Animals
  • Dreams
  • Professions
  • Wordplay
  • The World
  • Signs
  • America The Beautiful?

The Mad Book of Word Power
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