Mad About Mad! - 1970

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Signet 9 / Warner 7

  • Foreward by Al Feldstein

  • (random examples within the sections below of
    Sergio's trademark pantomime humor drawings)

  • Mad About Children
    • In a tank full of all the same fish,
      of course the kid wants THAT one!
  • Mad About the Beach!
    • Reserve yourself a primo spot on a
      crowded beach with an inflatable fake mine!
  • Mad About Psychiatrists
    • Rorschach testing the wrong patient can earn you a slap!
  • Mad About Dogs
    • Don't over-train your pooch.
      Everyone will look like a mugger!
  • Mad About Protestors!
    • Peace activists fight with their signs!
  • Mad About Demons!
    • Hand-flashing devil horns behind the head
      of your friend can even ruin the group photo in hell!
  • Mad About Public Servants
    • Mailman slips letters into the slot of every door,
      but knocks on the cute girl's door for hand delivery!
  • Mad About Costumes
    • Zookeepers crash the party to find the real ape!
  • Mad About Shadows!
    • Businessmen wind-up toys walk in a row.
  • Mad About Fairy Tales
    • Little Red Riding Hood knows karate!
  • Mad About Love!
    • Guy proposes to girl friend but catches a peek
      at the football game on TV at the same time!
1970 printing Mad About Mad
1977 printing Mad About Mad
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