Mad's Cradle To
Grave Primer - 1973

  • Written by: Larry Siegel
  • Cover and Interior Artist: George Woodbridge

  • Known printings: Warner 8

  • Chapter 1 - Infancy
  • Chapter 2 - Childhood
  • Chapter 3 - Adolescence
  • Chapter 4 - Adulthood
  • Chapter 5 - Middle Age
  • Chapter 6 - Old Age
  • From the back cover:
    This is another MAD Paperback book.
    It is the 62nd MAD Paperback book.
    Milk, MAD, milk!
    It is in the form of a Primer.
    Innovate, MAD, innovate!
    It is the story of a clod
    From the day he is born
    'Til the day he dies.
    A lifetime of misery.
    Just like the one you're leading!
    Except for one thing.
    It's written funny.
    It's drawn funny.
    It costs 75¢.
    That's not so funny!
    But we've got to live, too.
    Misery is expensive these days!
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