Clods' Letters to Mad - 1974 and 1981

Clods' Letters to Mad - 1974 and 1981

    Basically, these contain reprints of selected letters the magazine received from readers over the years
    with Al Jaffee's illustrations thrown in.
    Compared to the 1974 larger format edition, the 1981 regular format book changes the letter and image order, adds and takes away letters and images, becomes a different book in many ways.

    1974 -
    • Preface - (or why this miserable book came into being)
      Poem structure based on James Whitcomb Riley's Little Orphant Annie

    1981 -
    • Poem - "Why the letters in this book are signed with mainly initials and not clods' full names"

    A couple of examples of letters with editors' responses:

    • "Dear MAD,
      Every time I get a copy of MAD, my family fights to see who gets to read it first. In the tug of war,
      it gets torn to shreds and we can all read it at the same time. It's even funnier that wy. HA!
      Susan L.
      Pine Bluff, Ark.

      You know, we did the same thing to your letter, and you're right! -Ed."

    • "Dear Mad Tour Director,
      Our Boy's Club would like to come to N.Y. and tour your office.
      Is it allright if we bring blankets and sleep there?
      Lennie H.
      Babylon, L.I., N.Y.

      Why not, you'll be right at home with our staff! -Ed."

    OK, one more...

    • "Dear MAD Staff,
      Over the years, I have noticed with alarm that your Alfred E. Neuman never gets any older. Such unrealistic character depiction can sow the seeds of dangerous trauma among the very young by leading them to surmise that the normal geriatric process of aging is somehow controllable.
      It is imperative to our youth that you alter this false illusion.
      Walter J., M.D.
      Roswell, Ga.

      Perhaps, Doctor, it might be better to remain a little idiot than to grow up to be a big one! - Ed."