Mad As The Devil! - 1975

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 10

  • Handcuffed pickpocket picks cop's pocket / Anteater dancing club / Ticker tape inundation / Dice Swallower / Hanky panky brings down jet / Tattoo at pearly gates / Reprimanded trees-thinner / Train bridge quicksand / Just married tattoos / Lighthouse baby in a basket / Spider fly-bib / Profitable meditation / Sombrero check / Noisy opera box seat / Mountain top civilization / Rabbit family turned away / Thief blends in with trophy head mounts / Road sign fail / Plane umbrella / Blind man's hat / Calligrapher's "Z" snooze bubble / Backwards armored personnel carrier / Cactus on a crowded bus / Karate grunting butler / Newlywed centaur ponders threshold carry / Critical helicopter nut / Shaver removes mouth / Untrue lover / Fish execution / Condemned building hippie paint job / Mugger chased by panhandler / Golden arches excavated / Showboater on training wheels / Heavenly model-builder / Path of zoo escape destruction / Fallen Humpty Dumpty
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    attracts skillets / Macrame shop suicide /
    Roped climbers in rockfall / The therapists knee / Map-reader missed waterfall / Spaceship crushed in citrus press / Duelers see their lady fraternizing / Skiing like a rollercoaster / Gopher bangs head on rail / Mickey Mouse timebomb / Dante's Tours / Girl sees peg-legged elephant / Painter visualizes battle scene / Dreaming in quilt blocks / Sculptor foot guide / Audience joins orchestra for storm cover / Rude awakening firing squad / Vampire band-aids / Newspaper blanket / Grandma Jenny pies - all business / Galley slaves yuck it up / Two views of mountain land / Concrete finisher curses King Kong / They all know she belted him / Bullfighter sneezes off flowers / Teacher identical to chalk drawing / Tourist asks monk for antenna support / Rich lady sees her hat on scarecrow / Hockey fued icebreaker / Writer's character talks to wife / Water skiier ruins movie scene / Eating in the restaurant kitchen / Nudist peers at clothed woman / Zulu warrior shield and spear business / Water tanker cools truckers / Painter should have done a landscape / Coach has one play / Bug spray warning / Wife checks husband's pulse on beach / Aliens ask lawn jockey directions / Jack hammer operator loses pants / Killer genie surprise / Guys lament bobsled seating order / Water truck versus street artist / "The bank's over there." / Decorated general rivals tree. / Bug discovers pot leaves. / Late arriving "Under Construction" sign / Hells Angel does embroidery / Ballet body odor / Gallery art source was cheap / Echo Mountain thump / Getting nails done at the dentist / Groom with hands full opens door / Ship's first officer won't interrupt / Man jumps out of cake / Fisherman takes down bridge / Normal sounds for a Karate school / Planes chase sky writer / Car wash fiasco / Periscope eyes / Cathedral hazard / Steward hates wine / Short pallbearer / Inefficient gator wrestling technique / Wrestler gives autographs during fight / Keell the rich / Prince turns back into frog / Robot at costume party / Treasure map lines on land / Giraffe startles roof gardner / Burning building photo op / Sweepings under statue / Bad sport tennis / Smoking billboard pranksters / Shooting at the wrong building / Young pyramid graffiti artist / Train wreck hitchhikers / Grauman's Chinese Theatre cement mishap / Hunters shoot Peter Pan and Tinker Bell / Real devil at the costume party / Soda bottle brigade / Pyramid architect catches queen's eye / High wire laundry / Zero population growth / Pirate's parrot spin cycle / Service vehicle gets ticketed / Treehouse club loses ladder / Water pot hiccup / Distracted excavator scoops pedestrians / Sneeze blows apart Noah's Ark / Robbery turns into elopement / Deep sea diver's cigar / Visualizing nude / Don't anger the Japanese chef / One tree island for captain's dog / Farmer destroys picnic / Praying to oil wells / Learning Karate / Elephant clearance / Hot dog cart special event / Mountain top guru business / Torture rack operator cracks himself / Cops haul away pot-growing mom / Beach volleyballers versus sand castle / Caveman drags woman and children / Optometrist and longhair / Realistic heart carved into tree / Palm reading beggar's hand / Train riders swept away by tunnel / Cuckoo with human clock / Dragon lunch diversion / Follow the leader / Chemist kid scares mom / Waiting on the pole phone / Baby legs first view / Tsunami laundry saver / Peace of mind comics / Devil Sergio jumps into flames