Al Jaffee's Mad (Yecch!) Monstrosities - 1974

  • Artist and Writer: Al Jaffee

  • Known printings: Warner 8

  • A Disgusting (Yecch!) Weather Story / A Sickening (Yecch!) Love Story / A Revolting (Yecch!) Dungeon Story / An Obnoxious (Yecch!) Rescue Story / Quickie Sickies - Grisly Gleanings on Ghastly (Yecch!) Gags (throughout) / A Repugnant (Yecch!) Drunk Story / An Offensive (Yecch!) Blasting Story / A Distasteful (Yecch!) Unemployment Story / An Insufferable (Yecch!) Psychiatrist Story / A Loathsome (Yecch!) Elephant Story / A Stomach-Turning (Yecch!) Rug Story / A Stultifying (Yecch!) Happy Ending Story / A Reprehensible (Yecch!) Lady Monster Story / An Appalling (Yecch!) Execution Story / A Nauseating (Yecch!) Dog Story / An Odious (Yecch!) Invisible Man Story / A Repelling (Yecch!) Search for the Meaning of Life Story / A Distressing (Yecch!) Family Picnic Story / A Foul (Yecch!) Ancient Tomb Story - "The Mummy's Curse" / An Abominable (Yecch!) Big Bad Wolf Story / A Preposterous (Yecch!) Garden of Eden Story / A Treacherous (Yecch!) "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" Monster Story / An Atrocious (Yecch!) "His Big Break at Last" Story / Another Disappointing Collection of (Yecch!) Quickie Sickies / A Dissipating (Yecch!) Magic Mirror Story / Beware! The End is Coming

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