Mad #497 January 2009

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  • The Mad 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2008
    • 1. Sarah Palin - "Clueless" - (Clue board game parody)
      (written by Desmond Devlin / Richard Williams and Scott Bricher art)
    • 2. China's Poisoned Products - "got Chinese milk?" - (got milk? ad parody) (Scott Bricher art)
    • 3. The Massachusetts Teen Pregnancy Pact - "The Sisterhood of the Unzipped Pants" -
      (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie poster parody)
      (written by Jacob Lambert / Scott Bricher art / Irving Schild photos)
    • 4. The Pregnant Man - (Hallmark Father's Day card parodies)
      (Charles Akins and Teresa Burns Parkhurst art)
    • 5. O.J. Simpson - "2008 Heistman Trophy"
      (written by John Caldwell / sculpture by Hermann Mejia / Irving Schild photos)
    • 6. Hillary Clinton's White House Campaign - "I Can Do It! / Can I Do It? / I Couldn't Do It!" -
      (We Can Do It! - WWII U.S. propaganda poster parody) (Mark Stutzman art)
    • 7. Celebrity Moms and Dads - "Bad Parenting" -
      (Parenting magazine cover parody) (Irving Schild photos)
    • 8. Rev. John Hagee - "Hägee The Horrible" -
      (Hägar The Horrible comic strip parody) (written by Nate Fakes / Gary Hallgren art)
    • 9. The Economic Collapse - "The Loan Wars" -
      (The Clone Wars TV poster parody) (Tom Richmond art)
    • 10. Wesley Snipes' I.R.S. Troubles - "Incarcerated: TurboTax Federal Penitentiary" -
      (Intuit: TurboTax Federal Forms software parody) (written by Frank Santopadre)
    • 11. Amy Winehouse - "Back to Crack" -
      (Back to Black album cover parody) (written by Scott Maiko)
    • 12. John McCain's Ugly Campaign - "Fright Club" - (Fight Club movie poster parody)
    • 13. Texas Polygamy Wives - "Texas Polygamist Sect Barbie Dream Compound Playset" -
      (toy parody) (written by Justin Tyler / figures by Dave Croatto / Irving Schild photos)
    • 14. Rev. Jeremiah Wright - "Pulpit Friction" - (Pulp Fiction movie poster parody)
      (written by Frank Santopadre / Drew Friedman art)
    • 15. Brett Favre Unretires - "The Favre Side" - (The Far Side comic parody) (Gary Hallgren art)
    • 16. Jesse Jackson Rants on Obama - "The Jesse Jackson Nutcracker" (ad parody)
      (written by Josh Eiserike / Liz Lomax sculpture)
    • 17. The Yanked Rachael Ray Ad - "Scarf Farce" -
      (Scarface movie poster parody) (written by Jacob Lambert)
    • 18. Bigfoot Discovered - "The Incredible Hoax" -
      (The Incredible Hulk comic book cover parody) (Ty Templeton art)
    • 19. Celebrity Sex Scandals - "Crotchmen" -
      (Watchmen graphic novel cover parody) (written by Jacob Lambert / Glenn Fabry art)
    • 20. Stunt Day in the Park with Blaine - (A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte -
      Georges Seurat painting parody) (written by Jacob Lambert / James Warhola art)
    • The Mad 20 Hall of Fame Inducts George W. Bush (Mark Fredrickson art)
  • Ad for Mad Magazine Poster Book with bonus #166 offer
  • Ad for tons of Mad merchandise
  • Signs You'll Grow Up to be a Degenerate Gambler (John Caldwell)
  • A Mad Look At Hard Times (Sergio Aragones / David Rodriguez)
  • Spy vs. Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • It's a Good Brand Name... and a Bad Brand Name... (written by Jeff Kruse / Paul Coker, Jr. art)
  • Fold-In -- What important inhabitant from the north was in over their head this year? (Al Jaffee)

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