The Mad Worry Book - 1980

  • Written by: Tom Koch
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Bob Clarke

  • Known printings: Warner 3

  • Foreward by Tom Koch
    • "Your simple act of purchasing this little volume already has marked you as a highly astute, sensitive and terror stricken person who subconsciously worries about the shortage of things to worry about that may arise if all the things you presently worry about should prove unworthy of being worried about.
      To view this dilemma in the more confusing terms of the layman, try to imagine your state of mind if all of the nagging concerns over your health, your job, your finances, your education, your social life and your personal safety were suddenly resolved. Obviously, you'd feel anxious and totally empty with nothing left to worry about . . . "
  • Worries to Begin Your Day
  • Worries You'll Want to Confront Before Lunch
  • Good Worries to Keep You on Edge All Afternoon
  • Some Really Upsetting Thoughts for the Evening Hours
  • Terrific Worries to Lie Awake at Night Thinking About
  • Worries to Save for Week-Ends and Vacations
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