The All New Mad Secret
File On Spy vs Spy - 1965

  • Artist and Writer: Antonio Prohias

  • Known printings: Signet 10 / Warner 18

  • From page one:
    "A message from the Head of the C.I.A. --
    Up to now, knowledge of the hilarity and inventiveness of "Spy vs. Spy" material has been "TOP SECRET" and "RESTRICTED" to readers of MAD. This book contains all-new and original material which is being leaked to the public for the first time. So watch yourself -- you may die laughing.
    Al Feldstein
    Editor of MAD and
    Head of the Committee for Idiotic Amusement"

  • From the introduction:
    "Antonio Prohias is a Cuban artist who defied the censorship of the Castro regime with anti-Communist cartoons until he was forced to flee Havana with his life. His first work in the U.S.A. was with Mad Magazine, where he was enthusiastically received along with his new, original and inventive "Spy vs. Spy" cartoon feature."

  • From the back cover:
    "You are about to meet the BLACK SPY and the WHITE SPY - the two MAD-est spies in the whole world. Their antics are almost as funny as the C.I.A.s. These are the un-professional agents who taught James Bond everything he knows -- about what not to do. These are the bumbling operatives who made a howling Napoleon Solo finally yell, "Uncle!" These are the two clowns who took "Cloak and Dagger" work and turned it into "Joke and Laughter" work. In their hands, espionage becomes mess-pionage. The only plans the White Spy ever successfully stole were plans to the 1963 Edsel. The only secret the Black Spy ever successfully uncovered was in a bottle he swiped from Katy Winters. When it comes to in-trigue, these guys make it way-out-trige. They are the only two spies we know who haven't the sense to come in out of the cold. But they have a ball -- mainly trying to outwit each other. And you'll have a ball -- watching them try, in this book of all-new "Spy vs. Spy" material, the first time undercover -- this cover. Just one word of warning: Don't attempt to walk off with this ridiculously funny book without paying for it. There's a counter-spy watching!"
1965 printing - Click cover for larger view The All New Mad Secret File On Spy vs Spy
1973 printing - Click cover for larger view The All New Mad Secret File On Spy vs Spy
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