Sergio Aragones
is Totally Mad! - 1991

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • God entertains bored angels / Desert wanderer asks directions / Batman call light brings bats / Diving for sunken treasure shot / Purse snatcher fools policeman / Stop the rain dancing / Butler steadies grown bicyclist / Museum dinosaur builder gets some help / Newspaper uses / Saving the princesses / Wet paint peep hole / Dinosaur meal / Gravedigger digs wrong hole / Kiddie pool crusher / Boat launch balcony bailer / Aging woman of castaway's dreams / Lion's head off Tarzan / Curious penguin behavior / Veteran in a golf bunker / Cowboy plateau jumper / Super Snail takes his time / Storefront jeweler does better with garage sale / Duckhunter dreams / Shopper gets a lift / Artistic splitting / Dinosaur height equals respect / Tree branch helmet wedge / Sinking ship perspective / Diamond miner celebration / Meglin's tennis distraction / Clown hat consideration / Hairy wedding cake / Applause! sign for the executioner / Restaraunt is just like Mama's / Pro golf routine on putt putt course / Prison window bar foils escape / Garage sale false advertising / Quick thinking hairdresser / Defense minded victim loses it / Castaway's palm tree changes / Mime family / Alley vampire / Ad for Sergio's other books

Thanks to Jason Buer for the book loan.
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