Sergio Aragones'
Next Mad Book - 1992

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • Freed convict put himself back in prison / Boyfriend is a biker / Serenading from a window-washing rig / Lamp rubber gets ultimate wish / Mask clears beach / Wolves stop chasing snowmobiler / Prison escapees tunnel under pool / The drive-in experience at home / Desert pipe crawlers / Guru on the wrong peak / Princess changes mind about being saved / Gnomes take cover / Snow effects hamper film crew / Road bike tire switch / Barbecuer forgets steak / Bat light signal adjustment / Food dumpers / Misplaced brand / Prison rock-breaker draws guard's face on rocks / Coconut ploy fails / Farmer's wife slops husband / Firing squad members look like the condemned / Rapunzel's tower has two windows / Halloween mask changer / Family gets attached to cow / Man plans ahead with wife's casket purchase / Short medal pinning general / Art buyer recognizes telltale graffiti outside gallery / Man realizes delicious chow is for dogs / Caveman invents hammer stools / Beggar for change needs it for a parking meter / Tattoo size discrepancy / Drunk sheep herder and flock / Outhouse provides shelter / Mob settles on aquarium / Poodle hair / King Kong's beauty tries a disguise / Sombrero covers bag of bones / Which way to the war? / Palmreader predicts wallet drop / Jackhammer shakes dominoes / Trash art / Lost explorer's clothes found on penguins / Timmy gets hit by a car / Watch flasher / Ad for more Sergio books

Thanks to Jason Buer for the book loan.
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