Prohias' Spy vs Spy -
The Updated Files #7 - 1989

  • Written by: Don Edwing
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Bob Clarke

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • Super Secret Peanut Potion Elephant Munch
  • Cannonball Springboard Helicopter Killer
  • Laboratory Facsimile Fools Moat Pole Vaulter
  • Giant Club Contraption Smacks Golf Ball Vehicle
  • Fly-like Building-Walker Gets Swatted
  • Island Palm Tree Helicopter Surprise Attack
  • Winding Road Flying Car Diversion
  • Gangplank Drop Into Shark Mouth Submarine
  • Fly Vehicle Clapping Plane Wings Demise
  • Sewer Pipe Cannon
  • Toilet Rocket Flushes Out Sewer Spy
  • Springy Hammer Within A Hammer
  • Plane Fuselage Missle Conversion
  • Mousetrap Window Escape
  • Lighthouse-Sized Bugspray Ends Buzz
  • Robot Tar Stomp
  • TNT Second Chance Detonation
  • Warning Sign Spy Smasher
  • Twirly Rowboat Reveals Submarine
  • Airborne Jetpack Copter Bullfight Simulation
  • Submarine Fish Food
  • Tarred And Flattened In The End
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