More Mad Marginals - 1985

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 3

  • No trees for noosed searcher / Wedding dress train walked on / Pumped up deep diver / Cop commandeers bumper car / Baby escapes shopping cart / Peace pipe bubbles / Hydrant guard dog / Late to the garbage barge / Fireman chase Olympic torch carrier / Show singer sprayed with notes / Woodsman chops power line / Ape equals traffic brawl / Elephant swallowing snake / Wife sits in on husband's psychiatry session / Gondolier stuck on a pole / Road center line painter avoids crash / Ping pong opponent guards face / U.N. beggar / Beach girl gets bikini top / Sneezing off Xmas tree decorations / Picnic blast spot / Sidewalk elevator claims distracted bicyclist / Sheepdog loves mop / Litter rider loses man / Toilet pole / Mermaid meets fish-man thing / Man hangs himself on train crossing arm / Castaway island tipper / Shooting the last leaf / Distracted coxswain crashes boat / Home builder in the dog house / Nudist sprays peepers / Patients use cups and string / Alligator club /
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    Tunneling escapee burrows up hill / Stone carver's sculpture
    falls through apartment floors / Hand wave shark signal / General sneezes off decorations / Dice lost down drain / Limb boinks head of man trying to hang himself / Lion tamer boxing match / Train track "Y" / Man in Chinese dragon stops at light half way through / Horse won't race / Stop sign holder causes pile up / Mummy unravels / Utility pole burns / Artist uses keyhole / Pelican takes fisherman's line / Octopus stares down periscope / Easter egg on legs / Firefighters' hose on both ends / Line of clothes / Poodle walker embarassment / Too late with the "Thin Ice" signs / Weightlifter's shorts fall / Highwire burn / Kite face scares lady / De-panting sneeze / Tower lifts car from chasis / Chained up next to bathroom / Fire escape activity when lady sunbathes / Certain ad catches the eye / Tall woman cozies up to man on stilts / Flying plane lighter / Trapeze twirlers / Losing paper from a hillside outhouse / Ladder carriers need elevator / Bowling ball bomb / Beavers gnaw through totem pole / Safecracker safe-bomber / Submarine anchor's away / Snake charmer fraud / Castaway helps himself / Man hangs himself on excavator bucket / Shaving cream bug spray / Shark in high-dive pool / Ostrich in bird cage / Coke and Pepsi war / Swim meet false start / Humongous wedding cake accident / Elavator riders smash guy's bouquet / Long board for motorcycle cop / Stork had baby / Brew slid down bar socks patron / Flypaper stamp collector / Suitcase opens on ladder / Snake swallows duck pull-toy / Umbrella habit / Worker offers lady a torch / Two male plugs / Painter joins party / Ballet move to the rescuers below / Movers haul psychiatrist's office during session / Pogo manhole / Water buckets versus dragon / Snake sculpturer / Firefighters hide eyes / Drummer joins heavely musicians / Helmet darts / Gunslinger's can of food / Prehistoric "stork" and baby / Devil thoughts in heaven / Dart board door / Painting a condemned building / Aqualung rental business / Man hanging from noose helps apple picker / Papoose plop / Different gondola views / Eyechart illusion / Hounds after fox and convict / Escaping from a polar bear / Tarzan about to meet King Kong / Blind man feel / Mobile fisherman / Hot dog vendor uses umbrella / Knocking on the floating door / Lady's poodle joins greyhounds / Spider loves mirror crack / Totem pole carver models / Jumper hitches to Niagra Falls / Coal miner meets train / Dog growls at owner's feet / Electic guitar powered from utility pole / Mugging shush / Ape in crowd of students raises hand / Rock smashes "Falling Rock" sign painter / Fishnetted leg sticks out among troops / Collared convict chained to taller guys / Black eye for the non-curber / Unicycler stunt team loses air / Wrecking ball does firing squad's job / Roman lion pointed toward big guy / Workers knock rider off bike / Santa down the teepee / Water skiier pulled into ship / Convict escapes into art / Makeshift life preserver / Flooded waders / Female centaur selects horse shoes / Runners race to beat train / Smoke signal marketing / Getting back on the swing / Ironing the pants of a stilt walker / Circus strongman, with hands full, pickpocketed / Street cleaner runs over fresh road paint / Submarine helps boat win race / Watermelon clearance / Treasure hunters dig around artifacts / Fly too big for swatter / Kids spy on Punch and Judy puppeteer / Fly swatter breaks large window / Sea diver foot air leak / Ramming with a ram / Taking a bulb from the bar sign / Executioneer uses fresh stump / One balloon for act / Birds roost on paraglider / Well water limits / Trap catches rhino's horn / High diver pool cleaner / Fishy smiles / Sidewalk elevator upsets painter / Garbage picker stabs firehose / Brigade loses water on way to fire / Baby produces profitable art / Canoe hitcher / Diver leaves suit behind / Mowed porcupine / Fisherman on bridge catches lady on boat / Good Luck Bar / Ear horn catches rumble / Sled dogs split crevice / Gunslinger throws up gun / Lovers leap photo op / Distracted railroad tie hammerer / Convict painter climbs ladder for landscape subject / Someone sneezes inside the Trojan horse / Climbing gear failure / Big fish awaits fish jumpers / Parachutist down smokestack / Garage lift lacks runways / Frankenstein blows a fuse / opera director uses puppets / catching finger in tie / Guy tries to hang himself on transported tree / Apes love humans / Dentist extracts tooth through door / No one argues with the big guy who caused the pile up / Riding the Tsunami / Gator loves trap / Fisherman catches line on rope connected to weight / Magic carpet mechanic / Big guy wheelies 3-person bike / Follow the devil tail / Barrel jumper comes up short / Troops fall out of line as lady passes / Doctor listens to patient cough over the phone / Guillotine pardon me / Glass blower adds teeth / Jaffee brand / Hooking up on purpose / Water follows hose coil outside / Ladybug sneezes off spots / Bell delivered to wrong house of worship / Boombox zapped by lightning / Suitor on ladder pauses floor below to watch TV / Rocket launch tower takes off / Footprints disappear / Tug tugs fisherman / Gallows pole escapee / Bar stool levels change / Head pot hiccup / Hunter shoots tire / Emptying trash on a raft / Water skier boat jump / Birds pick at French bread / Smoke signaler burns hole in rug / Bull, toreador plow motivation / Octopus at the ready / Shift in firefighter rescuing duties / Turtle arrives late at pet judging / King assassins miss bombing opportunity / Wedding dress matched / Boss laughs at suggestions / Bomb with paratroopers / Real train bears down on kiddie train / Harpoon through boat / Ice block for mortuary / Stilt walker trips / Painters soil laundry / Woodsman ruins picnic / Bat love batarang / Elephants escape circus parade / Broken eggs in egg van / Spider forms bridge web / Bartender preference / Exploding cigars wash up on castaway's beach / Pinball magnet / Misdirected garbage / Hedge and ponytail trimmer / Clothing store clerk laughs at fat lady / Bride runs off with biker / Nudist colony fence board replacement / Precarious balcony lighter / Snake hanger / Flaming shish kabobs / Flower picker path to cop / Brawl outside the ring more interesting / Spider loves paddle ball / Island native coxswain / News crew braves thin ice / Helicopter pilot only saves one castaway / "Good Humor" driver keeps smile at crash / Submarine upends igloo / Both armies surrender / Tree helps one side in tug of war / Caveman discovers use for scissors / Scary ride on the way to lunch / Butterfly evades netter / Painter drops roller / Big mouth glows behind diver / Couple caught up in hay baler / Awning thief picks presents off high stacks / Baseball umpire falls asleep on catcher / Burning building jumper wings it

Thanks to Jason Buer for the book loan.