Mad's Don Martin
Forges Ahead - 1977

  • Artist and Writer: Don Martin (except where noted)

  • Known printings: Warner 12

  • One Summer in the Mountains
  • The Hunter and His Dog (written by Don Edwing)
  • The Case that Absolutely No One Cared About
    - Starring Lance Parkertip Noted Notary Public
    and His New Companion Hercules The Semi-Wonder Dog
    (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • At the Novelty Manufacturer's
    Annual Convention in Atlantic City
  • One Summer's Day in the South Pacific
  • One Hot Day in the Desert
  • A Fairy Tale
  • An Essay On Primitive Dance and Ceremony
    with Technical Illustrations by the Author
  • On a Street Corner Downtown
  • One Fine Day in Ancient China
  • The New Backscratcher
  • Captain Klutz in The Barffing Affair
    (written by Don Edwing)
  • A Giant Step Forward for Paeleontology
  • One Morning in a Bean-bag Store
  • Moving Day
  • Late One Night on Death Row
  • A Fairy Tale
  • In a Cozy Little Igloo at the North Pole
  • A Hollywood Saga
  • A Day in the Life of an Executioner
    (written by Don Edwing)
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