Mad's Dave Berg
Looks at Our Sick World - 1971

  • Artist and Writer: Dave Berg

  • Known printings: Signet 7 / Warner 3

  • Our sick world is a jigsaw puzzle
    with the essential peace missing.
  • It's a shame for the neighbors in our sick world.
    • Names People Play
    • Room and Gloom
    • Three's a Crowd
    • Car Berator
    • Breaking the Sound Barrier
    • Acting Her Rage
    • Chip Off the Ol' Blockhead
    • The Harm in Charm
    • Hit the Miss
    • Cotton Mouth
    • Headline Story
    • Too Much to Stomach
    • Mind Over Chatter
  • These are the good old days in our sick world.
    • Sure Cure
    • Off Sighed
    • Exception to the Rule
    • A Sight for Sore Ears
    • Watered Down Version
  • The ego beavers in our sick world.
    • Scrap Happy
    • A Name to Dismember
    • Building a Better Flytrap
    • "I" Strain
    • Sight Unseen
    • From Mouth to Hand
    • The Old Gray Mare, She Is What She Usta Be
    • Champion Loser
    • Greeter Meeter
    • Seen But Not Hurt
    • Singing in the Strain
  • Not so innocent abroad in our sick world.
    • Wise Guided
    • Before Once Upon a Time
    • Playing the Field
    • Holding Action
    • Two Car Barrage
    • The Almighty Dollar
    • Foreign Exchange
    • High Cost of Loving
    • Gone and Forgotten
    • Spot Remover
    • Pinch Hitter
    • Photo Finish
    • Home Cooking
    • Bargain Jargon
    • The Miss Mess
  • "We have met the enemy, and they are us" in our sick world.
    • Mutt's the Word
    • Cat Calls
    • As a Mater of Fact
    • Declaration of Peace
    • Once More With Feeling
    • Command Performance
    • Card Carrier
    • Dopey Question
    • Where There's a Will, There's a Way Out
    • Momma Knows Beast
    • The Degeneration Gap
    • The Right to Bear Charms
    • Well-Rounded Squares
    • Babes in Arms
  • In our sick world we are all rotten to the core...
    but the core can be beautiful.

(other cover variations:
1971 printing - Click cover for larger view Mad's Dave Berg Looks at Our Sick World
1978 printing - Click cover for larger view
Mad's Dave Berg Looks at Our Sick World
Image from John H. Wilson