Mad Murders the Movies - 1985

  • Written by: Dick DeBartolo
  • Cover and Interior Artist: Don Edwing

  • Known printings: Warner 2

  • Dedications

    • "To Dick DeBartolo, for providing the kind of rotten writing I can save with my art!" - Don Edwing

    • "To Don Edwing, for providing the grotesque art that makes my writing seem like classic literature!"
      - Dick DeBartolo

    • "To Dick DeBartolo and Don Edwing, for providing script and art so inferior that it can make a lazy editor like me look like I'm actually doing something constructive and creative!" - Nick Meglin

  • Groan with the Wind
  • The Xxorcist
  • The Maltease Foul-Up
  • The Phantom of the Uproar
  • Mutiny on the Bouncy
  • Franken Shtick
  • Robbin' Hood
  • The Wizard is Odd
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