Mad Menagerie - 1983

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 3

  • Birds poop on stranded islander / Sneeze off tattoos / Fake sandcastle / Tornado artist caught up in tornado / Newton's Cradle made from wrecking balls / Gulliver asks Lilliputians for toilet / Tall guy skis with Al Jaffee / Wannabe potter's dreams dashed / Treacherous river falls / Wine maker loves big feet / Letter carrier outsmarts dog / Tricky surfer act / Godzilla lowers realtor's asking price / Artist's technique through the years / Joke eye chart / Scolded for attacking wrong castle / Dinosaur chases back scratcher / Wind surfer uses ship mast setup / Nude photography / Singer can't practice anywhere / Sickened volcanic cigar smoker / Park bench sleeping jogger / Prison birdman flown away / Punch and Judy whack puppeteer / Camouflage school extra credit / Samurai helmet yarn spindler / Rock band finds source of odd noise / Dog umbrella / Unintentional dirty joke repeating / Shoelace trips up protection / Bear fantasy versus reality / Hobo versus train / Hand to hand combat reservations / Excavators don't dig deep enough / Predicting a mugging / Pacman eats Earth / The big one that got away / Cactus seller picks wrong location / Plumber called to maternity ward / Going down with the ship / Prehistoric size wins / Sunbather's freak rain shower / Mapping a pig / Boarding pass mouth to mouth / Expert skier slips up / Lei hanging / Ape actor tranquillized / Seeing eye dog tapped out / Saving a maiden from the dragon / Target practice / Frog kiss persuader / Joggers' full course / Modern-day Noah fears dam burst / Guard dog fears muggers / Wolf attacks insomniac's sheep / Prison escapees make the news / Airport baggage hurry up and wait / Mt. Ararat animal disaster / Cement shoes rollers / This planet condemned / More Sergio book promotions
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