Mad As Usual! - 1990

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • Washing off Zorro's "Z" / The reason your car leans to one side / Not all movers care / Scuba for show / Weighing in public / Test cheater gets it / Whalers harpoon movie Moby / Pied Piper works for McDonalds / Dive judges rate mistake / Protection dog looks the other way / Elephant pants / Fake valet / Scary barber's aide / Ineligible recruit / Classical music players on a jazz stage / Self-defense trained kid becomes bully / Distracted on the way to the lifeguard / Medium's spirit arrives too late / How to stop a snorkeling peeper / Muscle girl / Different versions of a boy meets bear story / Posing for a chapel ceiling painter / Boy switches musical instrument instruction / Saluter bombs / Bubble blower gets the beach gals / Drummer dreaming dad / Choosing a sacrifice for the volcano god / Driving instructor's pick-me-up / King Kong arrives at casting call / Good Humor visions / Medium conjures decayed spirit / Beach babe shows off muscles / Flute straw / Table legs fold / General in their ranks / An easier way to shave the dog / Musician bum cleans up / New hair style / Arctic fisherman shouldn't have left the igloo / Hoods graffiti ghost / Key-seeker gets wallet / Surfers avoid the ugly girls / Photographer misses sea monster / Keyboard dreams / Jungle rescue for the camera / Giant scissors scare customer / Tap shoe selection / Pet shop animals sit / Real-life "Space Invaders" / Watching TV with binoculars / Ad for Sergio's other books

Thanks to Jason Buer for the book loan.
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