Mad as a Hatter! - 1981

  • Artist and Writer: Sergio Aragones

  • Known printings: Warner 6

  • Dedicated to you!
  • Snake arches for porcupine / Bad guy shows off his beautiful police-women escorts / Roller disco dreams / Tables turned on jungle explorer who would cage natives for fame and fortune / Wife sits in on husband's psychotherapy session / Booze in horn / Tailors can't contain laughter / Stuck "Don't Walk" signal / Being wacked by the lady was the last straw / Skeleton cleaning lady in the dinosaur exhibit / Prison escapee tries to vault over river / Hiding the evidence of a swimming lesson / Record company executive didn't hear the band he gave the contract to / Inventing a cart with wheels / Scary guide dog / Suicide rating / Castaway finally brings people to his island / Galaxy marbles / When to cover your ears / Sergio's dangling pom pom problem / Hunter's dog points out kid with mom / Exhausted sculptor models / Dressing up for an important meeting / Executioner haircut / Dogsled taxi / Shoot the accountant / He found Noah's Ark / Superman causes unnecessary destruction / Fighting cock no match at home roost / New magician's assistant starts at the bottom / School play wardrobe work lost in the crowd / Poster of St. Bernard rescue dog inspires wino / Excavator dig up museum dinosaur exhibit / Bad breath cloud / Inmate crochet / Street musician joins Salvation Army band / Great Zippo misjudges his human cannonball range / Ladies with cakes to jump out of on sale at supermarket / Bigger fish at the aquarium / Getaway car with snow chains / Dog won't release umbrella / Vampire bite turns prince into frog / Son battles dad's military miniatures / Closed sign disastrously late / Bikes, skateboards, skates / What to wear to the costume ball / Shaking pins out of the map / Locksmith uses sign key to open shop / Duck hunter swarmed / Nudist beach sign prank / Superman saves falling man's coat / Laborer hangs up swearing word balloon after another long day / The old woman who lived in a shoe gets some wheels / Root system grows through ceiling / Dog tripper / Tattoo thought removal / Robber with knife vs judo move / Mocking birds / Water dowser to get doused / Kid transfers nightmare to dad / Tarzan prefers the monkey / Thoughtful boat uses / Counted candles realization / Diver discovers captain still in sunken ship / Mom beats ledge jumping son / Animals hide from documentarians / Robber to beggar / Miniature smoke signals / Airport security puts man on baggage scanner / Sergio shakes out some zees / Ad for more Sergio books

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Image courtesy of John H. Wilson