Mad's Spy vs Spy
Follow-Up File - 1968

  • Artist and Writer: Antonio Prohias

  • Known printings: Signet 5 / Warner 16

  • The caged bat bites
  • Bird intercepts robot bird bomber
  • Rocket through the guillotine blade
  • Movie spy spring-loaded marquee smash
  • Snake sword
  • Lasso fails when chimney with rollers is pulled off tall embassy / bed on stilts sets spy up for fall
  • Drowning spy one drop at a time
  • Voodoo pin in noggin, brick in pillow, pin release bomb
  • A wave to the nose
  • Deciphering code lodges submarine in rock formation
  • Bear trap in football extra point
  • Toilet plunger head protection / rocket down and up connecting stick from balloon
  • Getaway horse with spring saddle
  • One arm bandit bomb payoff
  • Anchor lassoed to plane leaving aircraft carrier
  • Air mail rocket diversion
  • Tied to a falling tree
  • Walkie talkie in a picnic basket in a canoe over a waterfall
  • Backseat helicopter/puppeteer gun to head, car off cliff
  • Bricked in radio room pulled higher to reveal death shaft
  • Long nail a ledge spy
  • Plastic surgery on a manikin leads to epic fight with a robot
  • Jacked up submarine
  • Full-sized paper airplane fall triggers teeterboard rock
  • He can't get the spy's face out of his mind
  • Cat's Cradle string game locks spy in gate
  • Cannon fuse diverted to basement level bomb
  • Flown-in munitions work well until missile reverses
  • Swinging jungle rope attached to rocket
  • Old lady more than protects herself from club-wielding spy
  • Fountain serves more free soda than bargained for
  • Footstep audio recording draws spy off pier to sharks
  • Forehead mosquito swat bomb trigger
  • Trick spring knife in knife handle
  • Swimming race with torpedo
  • Miniaturizing a spy in a box mailed to the embassy
1968 printing Mad's Spy vs Spy Follow-Up File
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1975 printing - Click cover for larger view Mad's Spy vs Spy Follow-Up File
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