Mad's Maddest Artist Don Martin Steps Out! - 1962

  • Artist and Writer: Don Martin
  • Co-Writer: E. Solomon Rosenblum

  • Known printings: Signet 18 / Warner 12

  • Forewarned - Al Feldstein
    • Text from the "foreward" by editor Al Feldstein:

      "Nineteen years ago, a shy unassuming talented artist walked into the MAD offices with a collection of the funniest, the cleverest, the most absurd cartoons we had ever seen. When we gathered around to look them over, we literally rolled on the floor laughing. The cartoonist's name was Charles Addams.

      Unfortunately, we couldn't afford Charles Addams, so we hired the next guy to walk in after him... a virtually unknown cartoonist named Don Martin.

      The rest is history. Today Don is still a virtually unknown cartoonist... except maybe to the five or ten million loyal fans who have gotten to love his stuff in the pages of MAD. They love him because his style is unique, because his outlook on life is especially appropriate to our times, because his sequences have the same outrageous physical impact as the old silent movie greats -- Charle Chaplin, Buster Keaton, the Keystone Kops. But mainly, they love him because he is funny."

  • Fester and Karbunkle - Out West
  • Fester Goes Ski Jumping
  • Fester and Karbunkle - The Motor Trip
  • Fester and Karbunkle - The Safe Movers
  • Fester and Karbunkle - The Roller Coaster Ride
  • Sylvan Interlude in a Petunia Patch
  • Karbunkle in The Penny Arcade
  • Fester and Karbunkle in a Department Store
1962 printing - Click cover for larger view Mad's Maddest Artist Don Martin Bounces Back
Image courtesy of John H. Wilson
1975 printing - Click cover for larger view Mad's Maddest Artist Don Martin Bounces Back
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