Mad's Don Martin
Sails Ahead - 1986

  • Artist and Writer: Don Martin (except where noted)

  • Known printings: Warner 2

  • Professor Bleent and His Trained Bees
  • Early One Morning on the Desert
  • Early One Thursday Morning
  • Captain Klutz in Klutzenstein (written by Don Edwing)
  • Horsefly Art
  • One Fine Day in the Laundry Room
  • One Bad Day in Dodge City
  • One Cloudy Day on Mount Sanai
  • The Woman Behind the Man
  • Lance Parkertip (Noted Notary Public) in
    The Case that Everybody Knew the Solution To
    (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • One Fine Morning While Strolling Down the Beach
  • One Fine Day on Interstate 80
  • Evolution on a Small Island in the South Pacific
  • One Fine Day at the Space Center
  • One Fair to Middling Afternoon in a Department Store
  • One Fine Day at 151 Fonebone Place
  • One Particularly Fine Day on Skid Row
  • One Fine Day at the Travel Agency
  • One Fine Day in a Strange Little Town
  • One Dark Night in the State Pen
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