Mad's Don Martin
Grinds Ahead - 1981

  • Artist and Writer: Don Martin

  • Known printings: Warner 3

  • The Old Salt
  • One Fine Day When the Circus Came to Town
  • One Fine Day in Eastern Africa
    (or upper Malasia or whatever)
  • Captain Klutz Meets The Cackling Cockroach
  • One Fine Day in the Jungle
  • One Gloomy Wednesday in the Slammer
  • One Spring Day in 1980
  • One Gloomy Thursday in Another Slammer
  • One Fine Evening Last Summer
  • One Fine Morning in Ancient Greece
  • A Comprehensive Guide to First Aid (Profusely Illustrated)
  • One Gloomy Friday in Yet Another Slammer
  • One Friday Afternoon at the Pet Shop
  • One Fine Day on the Bowery
  • One Fine Day at the National Park
  • One Fair Day on North South Street
  • Early One Morning in Istanbul
  • The Following Tuesday on Main Street
  • Bandages Over Broadway
  • One Fine Day in a Downtown Hotel
  • One Fine Day Outside Ancient Troy
  • One Summer Night Somewhere in New Jersey
  • One Thursday Evening Many Long Years Ago
  • Edge of Hopelessness
  • One Fine Day in New Delhi
  • One Day in the Dungeon
  • Professor Bleent and His Trained Chicken
  • A Fairy Tale
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