Mad's Don Martin
Digs Deeper - 1979

  • Artist and Writer: Don Martin (except where noted)

  • Known printings: Warner 7

  • One Evening at a Masquerade Party
  • One Afternoon at the Airport Bar
  • A Star is Bombed (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • One Pleasant Evening at Home
  • Early One Morning at Sing Sing
  • Pages from My Notebooks
    (Personal Visual Notaions of the Human Macine)
  • Captain Klutz in The Gravest Show on Earth
    (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • One Tuesday Afternoon 3 Million Years Ago
  • One Fine Day in Connecticut
  • One Day at the Royal Hospital
  • The Re-Possessed (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • One Morning in Surgery
  • My Portfolio of Rare Birds
  • One Morning in Ward Four
  • Edge of Hopelessness (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • One Fine Day in the Appalachians
  • The Very Next Day in the Appalachians
  • The Magician
  • The Trapeze Artist

Additional Writers:
Don Edwing, John Gibbons, Frank Jacobs, and Nick Meglin

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