Mad's Don Martin
Carries On - 1973

  • Artist and Writer: Don Martin (except where noted)

  • Known printings: Warner 12

  • One Wednesday Morning at the Hospital
  • One Afternoon in the Garden
  • One Sunny Day in Key West
  • Captain Klutz Meets The Man of 1000 Faces
    (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • One Morning in the Operating Room
  • One Thursday Evening up the Amazon
  • The Businessman in Yellowstone Park
  • One Day Many Long Years Ago
  • The Ballad of Arthur Freen (written by Frank Jacobs)
  • One Saturday Morning About 10:30
  • One Monday Afternoon at Joe's Concrete Works
  • A Suburban Scene
  • Cockroaches - An Informative Picture Study
  • At the Campground
  • One Fine Day on a Mountain Top
  • The Scientist in His Laboratory
  • The Office Boy
  • Star Spangled Bananas (written by Dick DeBartolo)
  • The Mountain Climber
1976 printing - Click cover for larger view Mad's Don Martin Carries On
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