Mad's Dave Berg
Looks At Our Planet - 1986

  • Artist and Writer: Dave Berg

  • Known printings: Warner 2

  • Weird Artifacts of Our Planet
    • Notes to You, Seen But Not Hurt, Driven to Destruction, Pay as You Glow, Auto Motive, Hook Line and Sink Her, Pill Down Man, The Brakes of the Game, Extra Added Distraction, Wedding Not, Information Pleas, Disk-Qualified, Chow Hounded, Looks are Skim Deep, Flight Fright, Safety Last, Sound Off, Down for the Count, That's the Way the Cook Crumbles, Growing Pain, Delivering the Male, Billing and Stewing, Loud and Unclear, Trips that Pass in the Night, Ironing Bored, Call Girls, Power Source, Hang-Ups, Smoke Gets in Your Guys, Weather or Not, Pound Foolish, Modern Whirled, Who's Counting
  • Weird Creatures that Inhabit Our Planet
    • The Loan Arranger, Battle Wary, Mad as a Hater, Girl Hazy, Guesting Game, School Daze, Arms and the Man, Pain in the Class, Miss Placed, Baby Talk, Speak Easy, Fuss Budget, Room for Rant, Pennies from Heaven, What's in a Shame, All Bets are Off, Nothing is for Nothing, Father Knows Beast, Once More with Failing, Eye Spy, The High Cost of Leaving, Loud Report, Bye Lingual, Wordly Wise, Changing Whirled, Five Sense Worth, Winning by a No's, Sleepy-Time Pal, Down Memory Slain, Chow Hounded, (untitled), Food for Naught, That's Park for the Course, The Hole Truth, Water Logged
  • Weird Customs Practiced by the
    Weird Creatures that are Indigenous to Our Planet
    • Come and Forget It, Fore Play, Communicate Shun, Three is a Company, The Race is Not Always to the Swift, Telling Blow, Heaven Bent, Growing Down, Think or Swim, Copping a Plea, With a Song in My Art, Home of the Rave, Pet Peeve, On the Job Straining, A Bad Spell of Whether, Relationslip, Champing at the Pits, Pardon My Wrench, The Vanishing American, Ring in the No's, Kin and Bear It, A Tale of Two Witties, Book Nook, Gone with the Whine, Clothes Hoarse, Relatively Speaking
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