History Gone Mad - 1977

  • Written by: Tom Koch
  • Interior Artist: Angelo Torres
  • Cover Artist: Norman Mingo

  • Known printings: Warner 6

  • Foreward
    • excerpt: "Upon completing this volume, you will be a better person for having lived through the experience. You will find that there is, indeed, great wisdom buried somewhere in the old adage, 'Learn well the mistakes of the past, for you are destined to repeat them, and you can't expect to botch things up right if you don't even know how it was done the first time.'"
  • Our Earliest Beginnings
  • The Dark Ages Descend
  • The Time of Re-Awakening
  • The Age of the Common Man
  • The Rise of the Industrial Era
  • The Old Order Collapses
  • The New Order Also Collapses
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