Duck Edwing's MADventures of Almost Superheroes - 1990

  • Artist and Writer: Don Edwing

  • Known printings: Warner 1

  • Zero - featuring Baron Ficarra, El Groo, Sgt. Torres,
    Perro the horse
  • Mouthman gossip
  • Tarzangst vs Ramur
  • Ma Barklay, The Crimson Cat, and Mr. Sly
  • Birdman vs Hunter-Head
  • Art Nouveau learns to draw
  • Buzz Orff, Meatball, Mongo, Snide, The Jaded Skull,
    Chris "The Who?" Meglin
  • Batface's identity
  • Matt Matterhorn (Super Mountie) pursues Everett Everest
  • Chick Glitz as The Revenging Rooster battles Alpine Al
  • Jane gets smashed
  • Robin The Hood of Sherforest Woods
  • Mummy Man
  • No-Nook of the North
  • Noah Neversink vs Ship Face
  • Jane helps Tarzangst escape from the Spotted Killer
  • Apart Man
  • Ms. Wonder Blunder meets modern engines
  • Spruce Pain was still suspected of being Batface
  • Fruitfly vs D-Mento the Demon Doctor of Ditto
  • Tarzangst's treetop home
  • Noah Neversink builds his ship
  • Batface mobile
  • The Adventures of Headlock Holmes
  • The Crimson Cat tries to enter
    The Bill Gaines Vault of Horror
  • Buzz Orff, Mongo, Lendl Soup and tennis instructions
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