Recurring Features in Mad Magazine

Irregularly Recurring Features

Inspired by this Wikipedia list, these are features that appeared in the magazine at least three times.
  • The Fundalini Pages started with issue #438 and continues uninterrupted to the present day.
    Those pages themselves contain many irregularly recurring features.

  • The Strip Club collection of comic strips (many irregularly recurring) first appeared in issue #455 with many breaks between issues,
    eventually becoming an every-issue feature with #503 to the present day.

Regularly Recurring Features

The most iconic regular features are pretty well laid out on their respective creator's pages:
  • Mad Fold-In -- see Al Jaffee from #86, April 1964 to the present day

  • The Lighter Side of... -- see Dave Berg from #66, October 1961
    to the present day's occasional The Darker Side of The Lighter Side

  • A Mad Look At... -- see Sergio Aragones from #76, January 1963 to the present day

  • Marginals or "Drawn-Out Dramas" -- by Sergio Aragones from #76, January 1963 to the present day
    (except for missing Issues #111 and #122). Don't expect a listing of every marginal he's ever done.

  • Don Martin gags -- see all of Don Martin's work from #29, Sept. 1956 to #277, March 1988

  • Don (Duck) Edwing gags -- see all of Don (Duck) Edwing's work from #70, April 1962 to #515, June 2012

  • Spy vs. Spy -- see Antonio Prohias, Don "Duck" Edwing, Bob Clarke, Dave Manak, and Peter Kuper
    starting from #60, January 1961 to the present day

  • Movie and Television satires

  • The MAD 20 Dumbest People, Events & Things was introduced with the January 1999 issue #377
    and continues annually with the first issue of each new year to the present day.

  • Advertising satires -- I started this over a decade ago... (maybe finishing it will be my next project)

  • ...and then there are all those song parodies...