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Questions, corrections, clarifications, general banter,
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My goal for the site was simple 20 years ago. Display regular issue front covers.
A lot more has been added over the years. Here's a rough evolution of those additions:
  • Front cover scans of regular issues with rudimentary content listings
  • Complete contents of article titles in order of occurrence
  • Crediting writers and artists
  • Complete Movie and TV satire charts
  • Maintaining a price list courtesy of Overtstreet
  • Presenting The Don Martin Dictionary in an online form
  • Rescanning and improving/enlarging front cover scans to fit bigger monitors
  • Magazine back cover scans
  • Annuals (The Worst from Mad, More Trash from Mad, Mad Follies)
  • Mad Super Specials
  • The linking of reprinted article titles back to their original sources in the regular issues
  • Charting the contributions of all Mad contributors
  • Creating an interactive version of Sergio Aragones' Inside Mad offices poster
  • Paperbacks
  • All the other various Specials to the current day
  • Linking to every instance when Mad's internet blog has referred to a Mad article in the magazine
  • Grouping recurring article types / features into their own lists
And I continue to tweak things now and then to try to make this the best resource of its kind.

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